Gapstow Bridge Engagement Proposal: Garrett and Chelsea

Garrett reached out to us to capture the picture-perfect Gapstow Bridge engagement proposal in Central Park.

We arranged for our sneaky photographer to discreetly be there to capture every moment. Afterwards, the newly-engaged couple shared their meeting story and what led Garrett to pop the ultimate question, which Chelsea matched with the best answer: YES!

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“We grew up together and have always known each other. We were born at the same hospital, did ballet together in preschool, and shared some homeroom teachers over the years. It wasn’t until high school when we started dating. 

Chelsea had this cuteness about her that drove me wild, as we began dating her drive and determination to achieve her goals is what I fell in love with.” – Garrett

“Garrett has a way to make everything special. He puts time and effort into making everything fun and memorable in a way that only he could do.” -Chelsea

“Chelsea got into a PhD program in Kansas. This required her to relocate to the Midwest. I wasn’t ready to move because I had an amazing job on the West Coast that I would have to leave. I was presented with the difficult decision, but what I learned is that no matter where we go or the path we take, as long as I have Chelsea by my side anything is possible. Once we moved to the Midwest and found success, I knew I want to spend my life with this woman.” -Garrett

“I distinctly remember the conversation with Garrett when we dated in high school where I told him I wanted to marry him. We went our separate ways after high school and both dated other people, but nobody else did all of the special things that Garrett did. When we reconnected after college, I knew that he was still the one.” -Chelsea

“I knew I wanted to make the proposal special. I waited until I could do it right and give Chelsea the engagement she deserved.  

NYC has always been an exciting place for us and I wanted to make it part of our story. I wanted to find a more private way of asking her and Gapstow provided this, along with the beautiful combination of greenery and city from this location in Central Park.  It was perfect!” -Garrett

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