Favorite Engagement Proposal Ideas of the Week

Summer is the perfect season to propose outdoors with beautiful backdrops. 

Our awesome clients took advantage of this when it came time to plan their big kneeling moment. With stunning views of water, skyline and nature, we are sharing some of our favorite engagement proposal ideas from this week!

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From Kansas City to Chicago, there is no place our photographers wont go to capture your special moment. You can browse all of our different proposal ideas, here!

1. Berkley Riverfront Park

Joel invited his girlfriend on a romantic stroll in Berkley Riverfront Park in Kansas City. Using the scenic views of the water and bridge, he got down on one knee.

2. Private Lakeside in Connecticut

Oliver surprised his girlfriend with a diamond ring in front of their lake pier. Her parents had front row seats to this heartwarming moment!

3. Cherry Hill in Central Park with Perfect Picnic

Working with Perfect Picnic, we arranged a romantic picnic at Cherry Hill for Jeff and his girlfriend. Surprised by the setup, she turned around to find Jeff with a diamond ring!

4. Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk offers gorgeous views of the skyline and water, which is why Lance used it as the backdrop for his engagement.

5. Santa Monica Boardwalk

On their way to dinner, Eric suggested to take a walk on the boardwalk by the beach. Little did his girlfriend know that it would be the picture-perfect backdrop to his proposal.


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