Photo Doug and Catherine’s Lincoln Center Proposal, New York City

Doug and Catherine’s Lincoln Center Proposal, New York City

Now here’s a true modern romance story!

Like many couples today, Doug and Catherine met on The difference however, as Doug explained it, was that “she was both the first and last “match” I found on the site, because once I found her, I stopped looking!” Once they met up, he was quickly drawn to her sweet smile and the way her face lit up every time she laughed, while she was instantly smitten with his gorgeous eyes. Without knowing it at the time, they both privately knew that they had found “the one” from the moment they shared their first kiss.

When it came time to propose, Doug knew he wanted the proposal to be as special as Catherine made him feel. So he reached out to Paparazzi Proposals, who not only helped him plan his dream proposal, but also secretly photographed it as well. Sometimes, where you propose can be just as important as how you do it. Wanting to memorialize this amazing moment with photographs, Doug wisely selected Henry Moore’s iconic “Reclining Figure” statue at Lincoln Center in New York City. He couldn’t have chosen a more picturesque spot to pop the big question. As they casually walked around the grounds of the center, Doug slowed to a halt. He turned, looked Catherine in the eyes and dropped down to one knee. As he pulled out a stunning engagement ring from Josh Levkoff, a private custom-jewelry designer in Manhattan, he asked if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Spoiler alert! She said…”yes!”

Check out the heartwarming pictures from their magical moment. It didn’t end there! Doug had our sneaky snapper stick around and follow them to Tavern on the Green where her parents were excitedly waiting to surprise and congratulate her!

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