Photo Donato and Yola’s Central Park Proposal, New York City

Donato and Yola’s Central Park Proposal, New York City

“When I met Donato, it was like meeting up with an old friend.”

Sharing more about how she first fell for him, Yola said she was immediately drawn to how open he was and how willing he was to share. She was also smitten with his no-nonsense attitude and approach to life. Quickly, it was apparent he felt the same way. Within just 20 minutes of having left their first date, Donato text her “a novel,” as Yola playfully puts it, detailing how great he felt about their evening and how he couldn’t wait to spend more time with her. Their relationship quickly became a special one. In time, Donato was ready to make it even more special…

So he enlisted the help of Yola’s cousin to help plan a surprise post-engagement party.  He also enlisted Paparazzi Proposals to help not only plan, but photograph his romantic Central Park proposal as well. As they slowly strolled through the park, Donato slowed to a stop at the iconic Conservatory Lake. There, he dropped to a knee, pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring from Nagi Jewelers, and asked if she would marry him. The pictures tell the whole story, but we will let you in on a little secret…she said “yes!” Click to see their heartwarming proposal and the engagement portrait shoot that followed.

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