Dion and Petra’s 30th year anniversary of their first date!

Dion clearly has not lost any of his romantic gestures after 28 years of marriage!

Dion wanted to incorporate the place they had their first date 30 years ago and the Gondola was the perfect setting for this anniversary!

With the amazing help from our friends at Gondola Adventures  Dion and Petra went for a gorgeous cruise around Newport on this stunning gondola. Half way through the ride the gondolier dropped a bottle in the water with a note written from Dion. After the couple arrived back at the dock the surprises did not stop their! Our photographer who had captured this whole ride then went with them to the same restaurant that Dion had proposed to Petra 29 years ago!

Gentlemen, take note, this is how you keep an amazing marriage for over 29 years!

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