Photo Destination Engagement Photography: Duncan and Michele

Destination Engagement Photography: Duncan and Michele

Traveling the world is great. Finding the one you love is great. Proposing is great. So, why not combine all three together and be amazing? 

Duncan and Michele took a romantic trip halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia, and mid-trip, he surprised her with a diamond ring. After his big moment, Duncan took us down memory lane and the chain of events that led him down on one knee.

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“We met during university in spring of 2009. I was a senior and she was a freshman in the same business program. We were formally introduced by mutual friends at an end of semester pub night and exchanged contact information. We kept in touch the rest of the summer while I was traveling on my grad trip. Michele was very timid, but extremely cute. I liked her personality and enjoyed chatting with her. According to Michele, I had a great sense of humor along with an infectious smile. We dated for two years and broke up due to some differences we had at the time. After a year apart, we reconnected and slowly built up a stronger and better relationship.”

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“After our first trip together to Greece and Turkey, I realized how compatible we were, and how we had matured over the years. More importantly, she always managed to make me smile, no matter what challenges we faced during our travels. We both love traveling, and Sydney has been a destination of ours for a while. Proposing overseas is a great reflection of our love for traveling. What better way to show this than pop the question in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Also, she never expected an overseas proposal, so I knew she would be surprised! I reached out to my close friends and family for advice, as well as her close friends. Paparazzi Proposals was extremely helpful during this process, planning and mapping out the time, route and position of the proposal. It definitely helped reduce my stress in planning this whole thing!”

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