Photo Darrell and Abby’s beautiful beach proposal, Hawaii

Darrell and Abby’s beautiful beach proposal, Hawaii

Darrell shares his story about the love of his life and his proposal!

While getting married had been discussed, Abby was completely surprised when Darrell popped the question…

My fiancée Abby and I were brought together through a dating website, I’m an Officer in the Navy attached to a submarine, so I sure didn’t have time to date through the traditional means. My fiancée is a full time grad student who was sick of finding frogs. Since we both knew what we wanted, we wanted to go to a place that could provided us exactly that. From the moment we started talking we could tell there was real magic between us and our first date didn’t disappoint. I drove to pick her up in my best suit with a bouquet of flowers so comically big it had to be seat belted and cushioned with a pillow during the trip. She wore a stunning black dress with a smile so beautiful you’d think she was an actress in a tooth paste commercial. We went to a steak restaurant near her school and spent the entire evening smiling and laughing, more interested in each others company than we were with the amazing food or that my parking meter had expired. From that moment on we’ve been the best of friends, and partners in life.

Planning the proposal was a little more complicated than planning the first date, mainly because we had already set up a wedding date. Since I was transferring from CT to HI we decided that we wanted to look at wedding venues while I was still in CT and came across a place that we absolutely loved. Given we had already put a deposit down on the venue she already knew it was going to happen in Hawaii, but with the help of Paparazzi Proposals I was still able to make it special. I made her think that I was going to ask her on top of the Diamond Head Monument by dropping clues about how nice it was, and how about how cool it would be to do it there because we can see it from our house. Then all I had to do was sit back and let her think that I had accidently told her where it was going to be. Once she was certain she had figured it out I took her to a beautiful beach in Ko Olina on the western shore of Hawaii just before sunset, where our Photographer was already waiting. He had previously helped to guide me around the site to ensure we would get the most perfect pictures possible and he even reminded me to make sure she was standing while I got down on one knee. It was a great experience.

For full disclosure my fiancée would probably want me to add that she helped find a couple of the spots on the beach where the pictures were taken. It’s one thing for you to know where YOU want to go, but it it’s a whole other thing to convince her, especially since she had no idea that the Photographer was even there. She was pretty set on going in her own direction! So if things don’t play out exactly the way you want them to, just roll with it. You’re about to ask the person you love the most to spend the rest of their life with you so there is no reason for you to be anything except jubilant. Provided she says yes of course!

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