Photo Dallas Proposal Photography | Patrick and Kristen

Dallas Proposal Photography | Patrick and Kristen

Patrick planned a romantic gondola ride for his marriage proposal to girlfriend Kristen, and captured the entire evening with gorgeous Dallas proposal photography!

Knowing how much Kristen loves the water, he wanted to incorporate it into a unique proposal plan. After chatting with one of our proposal experts, he decided an afternoon gondola cruise would be the best way to pop the question! Our discreet proposal photographer captured the moment he dropped to one knee, and her incredible reaction!   Watch their engagement unfold in their full proposal slideshow.

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And if you’re looking for a sweet love story, read on for the love story behind Patrick and Kristen’s beautiful engagement.

Their Love Story

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Patrick remembers the exact date of the day they first met two and a half years ago: June 30, 2013. They were attending a mutual friend’s social gathering at Bar Louie in downtown Fort Worth.

Patrick was immediately noticed her captivating blue eyes, and struck up an easy conversation. Kristen was intrigued by his wit and confidence. They noticed an immediate connection, and Patrick asked her out on a date.

Life has an interesting way of giving you what you need right when you stop searching for it! Both Patrick and Kristen had just about given up on love when they met and fell for each other. On their second date, she showed a genuine interest in Patrick and laughed at his jokes, and he just knew he had found The One!

Captured with Dallas Proposal Photography

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With a unique plan to bring the water to Kristen for their marriage proposal, Patrick booked a romantic gondola cruise around Lake Carolyn and planned to have it all captured with Dallas proposal photography as an extra special surprise!

At just the right moment, their gondolier sneakily dropped a corked glass bottle with Patrick’s handwritten proposal note into the water for Kristen to find!

Smiling, she read his romantic proposal message and looked up to see Patrick on bended knee with a stunning Jared’s engagement ring!

When they were safely back on dry land, our photographer introduced himself, and joined them for the remainder of the hour for a beautiful engagement session.