Photo Dallas Proposal Photography – Juan & Diana’s Gondola Engagement

Dallas Proposal Photography – Juan & Diana’s Gondola Engagement

Juan first met Diana almost 3 years ago while working with one another. Little did he know that she would one day become his fiancee!

Their first date was a special one. A “double date,” the other “couple” being Juan’s 2 young children. Soon afterwards, Juan and Diana became inseparable. Realizing she was his true soulmate, he began planning his big proposal.

He would do absolutely anything for Diana. Knowing their engagement moment would be very special to her, he arranged for Paparazzi Proposals to provide proposal photography for this beautiful once in a lifetime moment. Having already planned themselves an anniversary/birthday vacation to Dallas, he knew it would be the perfect time and place to propose. She would have no idea it was coming!

He also contacted Gondola Adventures to arrange for a very romantic private gondola ride, perfect for popping the big question! As they gently glided along the water, Juan slowly got down on bended knee and presented the ring. He asked if Diana would spend the rest of their lives together and take his hand in marriage.  As you can tell from the pictures, she said “yes!”

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