Photo Dallas Proposal Ideas – Gondola Proposal

Dallas Proposal Ideas – Gondola Proposal

Nearly three years before this beautiful Dallas gondola proposal, Spencer and Mackenzie locked eyes at a church dance. Spencer had just returned from a two year service mission in South America, and Mackenzie was home for an extended break from college.

A mutual friend introduced them, and they became good friends over the course of the next year. Spencer, who says he is often reluctant to trust people, felt instantly at ease with Mackenzie, and Mackenzie admired the time and effort Spencer put into building their friendship.

In January of 2014, Mackenzie returned to college in another state, but the two kept in touch. Spencer soon came to visit, and by the end of the trip they both agreed that their relationship had grown from a solid friendship into a true romance.

Love was stronger than distance–1300 miles, to be exact– and the two continued to date over the next year. Their relationship blossomed, and they fell deeply in love.

Spencer, who had stuck to an organized plan for his life up until this point, began to notice a shift in his outlook.

“I was willing to forget about my plans, because I would rather have her than continue my plans without her,” he said.

Mackenzie began to consider the possibility of quitting school and moving back to Texas in order to be together, because she knew she wouldn’t be happy without him in her life.

The two discussed marriage and a future together. Mackenzie knew that Spencer would be proposing soon, but he wanted to make sure the experience surprised her with how romantic and thoughtful it was.

After reviewing several Dallas proposal ideas, Spencer felt a romantic gondola ride would make for the perfect proposal.

With some help from our friends at Gondola Adventures, he was able to transform Dallas into Venice for their big moment.  He kept it a secret because he wanted it to be a special event that he and Mackenzie could share and remember forever.

That day, Mackenzie said yes to a lifetime of love, friendship and romance when Spencer presented her with a beautiful ring from Kay Jewelers in Fort Worth. Check out all of the photographs from their magical afternoon, here!

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