Photo Chicago Proposal Ideas – Millenium Park “Bean” – Ben & Danielle

Chicago Proposal Ideas – Millenium Park “Bean” – Ben & Danielle

Although Ben popped the big question on April Fool’s Day, this proposal was no joke!

However, knowing Danielle was a big April Fool’s prankster, he still wanted to have a little fun with her before the big moment. So when picking her up for the romantic date he planned, he did so in none other than her favorite car, a Tesla. Although he only rented it for the afternoon, he stuck a big red bow on it and was able to convince her that he leased it for the year!

That wasn’t the only “surprise” he had up his sleeve. Chicagoans take note, as this is one fantastic proposal idea! He drove her to Millenium Park, where he set up a romantic picnic right near the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, as known as “The Bean.” As they were just settling in on the picnic blanket, Ben made his move. Slowly getting onto one knee he pulled out an absolutely stunning engagement ring from Hakimian Imports and Rose Estates Jewelers, and asked if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Curious as to what her answer was? The picture below says it all!

To hear the two of them share their love story is sublime. After being introduced by a mutual friend, their first date was at Bub City on Clark Street. Over a plate of Jalapeno Poppers and Cowboy Fries, the two laughed non-stop and quickly bonded. Danielle said she was instantly attracted to how genuine he was. “He was an old soul,” as she puts it, and she was enamored with how passionately he spoke of his friends and family. She was blown away by how much love he expressed for those close to him. Ben on the other hand, was immediately infatuated with her kindness and contagious energy. He was smitten with her smile and her ability to light up a room.  When asked the moment they knew the other was “the one,” both answered the exact same way. Family being so very important to them, they were both hooked when they met each-other’s family and saw the relationship they shared with them and how kind they all were. Talk about a perfect match! Enough about their amazing love story, it’s time you saw the photographs from their magical afternoon. Click here to see how our paparazzi-style photographer secretly captured the joy and excitement of this beautiful moment in their relationship. Congrats again, Ben and Danielle! Are you looking to propose in the Windy City? Contact us for more romantic Chicago proposal ideas! You can also see some of the other awesome Chicago proposal ideas we have helped pull-off.