Photo Grant Park, Chicago: Amar & Valerie’s musical surprise proposal

Grant Park, Chicago: Amar & Valerie’s musical surprise proposal

Amar planned everything in very fine detail to make sure this surprise proposal was picture perfect!

With a musician in place, a blanket and their dog with a special message, everything was in place for a perfect proposal.

First off, let’s think about the dog element here, their family dog was roped in (and presumably bribed with treats?) to play a part in this proposal. Let’s paws (get it?) for a moment to think of the planning and training involved in that!

To set the scene, Amar had planned for the musician to be close by to play their favorite song as the couple walked up to the spot. Amar had also planned for their dog to be hidden behind a tree with a sign that said “Marry Dad?” with our discreet paparazzi photographer in place we were set for the showdown.

As the couple approached the blanket laid out, the musician started to play, Amar took Valerie’s hand and started to dance, as the song neared the end their dog was let off the leash and came bounding over with a sign that said “Marry Dad?” The song, the bounding puppy, it was all preamble for the proposal itself: Valerie said yes!

This proposal was organized by Proposal-Ideas.

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