Photo Chicago Proposal Ideas | Kinzie Street Bridge

Chicago Proposal Ideas | Kinzie Street Bridge

We loved Corey’s romantic Chicago proposal!

Looking for a creative proposal idea? Just check out his picturesque proposal on the Kinzie Street Bridge!

When dreaming up the perfect proposal, one of the sure-fire ways to make it even more memorable is to choose a location that has special meaning to you and your future fiancee. Knowing this, Corey selected the iconic Kinzie Street Bridge. When he and Erin had first moved into together, a huge step in their blossoming relationship, it was the first place in Chicago they fell in love with. They loved the view of the skyline it provided, and quickly became a symbol of this milestone in their relationship. However, it would soon be a part of an even bigger milestone!

Before we get to Corey’s heartwarming proposal, let’s learn more about how their beautiful relationship came to be. They first met close to 8 years ago while both attending the University of Iowa. It wasn’t long before these “hawkeyes” would have eyes for one another!

While hanging out at The Summit, a favorite local bar, they had a most unusual introduction. As Corey approached the dance floor, he was suddenly grabbed by the arm by a rather short girl. Before he knew it, he was being introduced as her boyfriend, clearly in an effort to save her from dancing with some guy she was not interested in. Intrigued and amused, he played along, and the two wound up dancing for hours.

Corey was immediately attracted by, as he puts it, “the sheer amount of personality that was beaming out of such a short individual!” He describes her as “infectious.” Oh, and being easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either! Erin was instantly taken by Corey’s good looks and charming personality. Within just the first few months of dating, he knew that she was “the one.” Almost 8 years later, he is still equally infatuated with her. Although he took a little longer to first ask her out than Erin had hoped, his cautious, measured approach to things is part of what made her fall in love for him.

So as rain dropped down from the clouds above, Corey dropped down to one knee. As he told her how much he loved her, he pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring, and asked Erin if she would marry him. One look at the amazing pictures from this magical afternoon and you will quickly know her answer!

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