Photo Chicago Proposal Ideas – Adam and Charley’s Washington Square Park Proposal

Chicago Proposal Ideas – Adam and Charley’s Washington Square Park Proposal

Adam and Charley went out on what Charley thought was a romantic dinner date.

The two stopped for an inconspicuous stroll through Chicago’s Washington Square Park to take in the gorgeous, late spring scenery and the last rays of sun as it set over the skyline.  The pair stopped at a fountain, and before Charley knew it, Adam had dropped to one knee.

Bringing her hands to her face in joy and surprise, Charley watched as Adam reached into his pocket and presented her with an engagement ring. She said, “Yes!”

Smiling, the two kissed and embraced– and that’s when Adam revealed that he had worked with our team at Paparazzi Proposals to make sure that a hidden photographer captured each stunning moment!  After both of them were in on the secret, they continued on a stunning shoot around the park to commemorate the incredible occasion.

Backlit by the setting sun and their newly engaged glow, the couple left hand-in-hand to continue on to restaurant that Adam had made reservations at– their dinner date now a celebration of their engagement!

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Paparazzi Proposals has shot many  proposals in Chicago, proving that the city isn’t just windy, it’s also romantic!

For a landmark proposal, try a Millemium Park engagement.  The glossy surface of the “Bean” statue reflects the skyline, whimsically bending tall buildings and putting the two of you front and center in a reflected view of downtown Chicago.   If this sounds like the right way for the two of you to make a memorable moment, check out Ben and Danielle’s stunning proposal at this location.

Or take note from Corey and Erin’s Kinzie Street Bridge proposal.  These two lovebirds got engaged at a stunning outlook point that happened to be not only a local landmark, but a landmark for their relationship as well.

Views make for memorable romantic moments, which is why the Sears Tower is always an incredible place for a Chicago proposal.  Check out Ben and Jess’s stunning sky deck proposal for inspiration.

And if you’re not in Chicago, it’s no problem.  With locations everywhere, we can capture your engagement no matter where you are! Now you can stop just talking about your proposal, and document it with gorgeous photographs.  Ready to commit?  Contact us and our team can help you brainstorm proposal ideas, so that all you need to do is arrive photo-ready and pop the question!  We can’t wait to help you plan your dream proposal.