Cherry Hill Picnic Proposal: Evan and Courtney

Want to make an engagement proposal at Central Park even more romantic? Try a delicious and beautifully decorated picnic! 

Want to see this idea come to life? Check out all the photos from Evan and Courtney’s engagement! Read below for their full love story.

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Evan and Courtney met 5 years ago at a local nightclub, Mynt Lounge, through mutual friends. He was a resident DJ at the time and Courtney became a regular. She eventually became a familiar face and the rest was history. The first time Evan spoke to Courtney, she was wearing the exact same Ramones t-shirt he had at home, and thus, liked her style. He also liked her “long blonde hair, green eyes and her nice teeth,” while Courtney liked his “blue eyes and skills on the decks”.  Evan knew she was the one after spending a romantic holiday in Bali together. Courtney knew he was the one after Evan asked her to move out with him and build a house together. Evan and Courtney had booked a trip to New York back in January, and he knew that it was her ultimate holiday destination. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it their engagement!

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