Chelsea Piers Engagement Photography: Tom and Katie

We recently had the opportunity to capture a beautiful Chelsea Piers engagement photography session on a sunny summer day.
Tom arranged for our sneaky photographer to be discreetly hidden as him and Katie walked along the pier. As Tom got down on one knee, our photographer captured every moment.
The newly-engaged couple shared with us how they met and what led Tom to propose at Chelsea Piers!

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“We met at a bar in college when Katie got lost and couldn’t find her friends. I took that opportunity to swoop in and be her knight in shining armor. We both had the same sense of humor and spent the night talking and laughing for hours. When the night concluded with her hurdling a fence to not keep her friends waiting, I knew this could be something special.
I knew she was the one when we created a pillow fort on our third date, watched movies, and made wizard staves out of beers cans.”
Why did you choose to propose where you did?
“Besides the fact that the view was incredible, it overlooked New Jersey. Katie was willing to move to New Jersey for me, away from her family and friends, so that we could take the next step together in our relationship. That meant a lot to me and I wanted to show a token of that appreciation in the proposal.”

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