Photo Charlotte Engagement Proposals: Desmond and Rae’Shawnda

Charlotte Engagement Proposals: Desmond and Rae’Shawnda

We captured one of our most stunning Charlotte engagement proposals at Marshall Park with Desmond and Rae’Shawnda. 

Desmond wanted to surprise his girlfriend a romantic day at Marshall Park that she would never forget, and reached out to us to secretly capture this special day.

We coordinated for our sneaky photographer to pose as a tourist, waiting for the soon-to-be engaged couple’s arrival.  Our photographer left a bouquet of roses for Demond to surprise his partner with.

Charlotte Engagement Proposals

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Desmond used the picture-perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and asked for her hand.

We had the opportunity to speak with Rae’Shawnda, who shared with us what drew her to Desmond.

“We met on September 27, 2017, Desmond’s granny’s birthday. I just moved to Charlotte, NC. I bumped into another young lady, Meagan Shaver, who had just moved to the area. Meagan invited me out to hang with her and a couple of her friends; Desmond was one of them. She introduced us, and we took it from there!”

Charlotte Engagement Proposals

“We instantly connected! The first thing that attracted me to Desmond was his patience. He explained this entire business plan, he had been working on for years with his business partner Kendal, with proof of a solid foundation. The entire time Desmond would put emphasis that the timing must be right to launch. This let me know, Desmond had a clear vision and didn’t mind working & waiting for proper manifestation. I knew that Desmond was the one when I wanted to be around him all the time. I’m sociable, but I enjoy my alone time and I didn’t mind spending ALL of it with him. He is just a joy to be around. He makes me feel protected and supported. I also knew he was the one when I kept battling myself to commit as his girlfriend. He humbled my pride because I asked him to be my boyfriend, which was very out of the normal for me! I was nervous, but so excited to see what we could do together.”

We also had the chance to speak with Desmond, who shared with us the meaning behind his proposal.

“I chose to propose at Marshall Park because the scenery was perfect for Rae’Shawnda! She loves nature and this park had everything; from hills, to the bridge, to the pond with the ducks and the fountain! Also the city skyline was right behind us so it was perfect! I got A LOT of help from her mother! I bounced different ideas off of her and she also helped me plan out Rae’Shawnda’s clothes, hair and nails. She made sure everything was on point. A couple of my co-workers helped me make sure that the aesthetics were perfect for the time when I popped the question. I purchased the ring from back home in Louisville, Ky. It’s a custom ring that my cousin helped me put together.”

Charlotte Engagement Proposals Photo Charlotte Engagement Proposals: Desmond and Rae’ShawndaCharlotte Engagement Proposals Charlotte Engagement Proposals Charlotte Engagement ProposalsCharlotte Engagement Proposals

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