Photo Central Park Proposal Photography | Chris & Hannah’s Proposal At Bow Bridge!

Central Park Proposal Photography | Chris & Hannah’s Proposal At Bow Bridge!

Chris & Hannah’s Proposal at Bow Bridge was a beautiful unity of two souls.

In town from the United Kingdom, Chris and Hannah’s trip was extra special.

Your significant other slowly turns into your travel buddy. You want to experience new adventures and see new things together. Who would’ve thought that Chris had this intention when the two were visiting New York City from the United Kingdom? Paparazzi Proposals put on his Superman cape and assisted Chris in making sure that Hannah would love this special moment. As the two strolled down Central Park, Paparazzi Proposals was there capturing their every move down to the moment of truth. When they reached the Bow Bridge, Chris dropped to one knee and asked for Hannah’s hand in marriage. She said yes of course and then spotted our photographer! Congratulations to Chris and Hannah!

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