Photo Central Park Surprise Engagement – Minaz and Taslim

Central Park Surprise Engagement – Minaz and Taslim

Minaz had all the ingredients needed for a perfect surprise proposal:

surprise – check

ring – check

cute family members with signs – check

more surprises – check (always keep them guessing)

hidden proposal photographer to capture it all on camera – check

a yes! – check!

Under the ruse of going to lunch for a family birthday the couple got all dressed up and headed to Central Park.

As they walked down the steps of Bethesda Fountain Minaz dropped to one knee and asked Taslim to marry him. Bethesda Fountain was an important place for the couple as it is Taslim’s favorite part of Central Park. Our discreet photographer was on hand to capture the moment on camera however the story does not end there.

After saying yes (YAY!), the couple strolled around Bethesda Fountain some more and Taslim was delighted to meet her nieces, who had been in on the plot from the beginning. The nieces were gleefully holding signs saying “She Said Yes!”.

As they all walked to the restaurant little did Taslim know that Minaz had more surprises planner. He had brought together both families for a lunch to surprise her and celebrate this amazing proposal.

You can view all these beautiful pictures here.

From our point of view, the level of thought and planning involved in getting two large families to congregate is what makes this surprise engagement all the more resonant, Minaz knew that Taslim would enjoy having her family involved in her proposal. We can only guess at the number of behind-the-scenes phonecalls and emails Minaz managed to get the whole thing planned and in secret!

Here at Paparazzi Proposals, stories like this make us nostalgic for all of the many proposals that have taken place with us in Central Park, from our very first Central Park engagement photo shoot, with David and Anna way back when in 2011 to the positively filmic snow-filled engagement photos of Mike and Ellyce earlier this year. Central Park delivers on romance, impact and wow factor!

If you agree and are thinking along similar lines, or perhaps want to propose at other iconic landmarks around the city, please get in touch. We’ll be thrilled to help!