Photo Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen

Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen

 Sean planned the ultimate surprise Central Park engagement proposal for Kristen. Discreetly capturing their day from a distance, Kristen believed to be taking a casual stroll in Central Park, that is, until Sean got down on one knee.

The newly-engaged couple also shared their love story with us, from the day they met, to the moments both knew they had found the one.

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 Photo Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen

How and when did you guys meet?

“We first met in Starkville, MS, in September of 2015. We were both there for an LSU football away game. We didn’t know each other beforehand, but we both already knew OF each other. One of my best friends, who was with me on the trip, knew Sean well through her cousin, who Sean is best friends with. There wasn’t a huge selection of LSU fans who had traveled to the game that we could hang out with, and we ended up meeting up somewhere for drinks, where we were introduced to one another. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out together, and then met up the next day to tailgate together as well. By coincidence, Sean and I’s seats in the game were on the same row, so we got to watch the game together too! It was a W for our Tigers, and a W for the two of us.” -Kristen 

“Contrary to Kristen’s version of how we “met,” I’ve got a bit of a different perspective! We knew each other well before September 2015 (the weekend of the LSU/Mississippi State football game), but not well. Still, I had a crush on her. We flirted a time or two on social media. In for New Year’s Eve 2014 going into 2015, she and I were at the same party. We spoke for a good while at the party, and I desperately wanted her to be my new year’s kiss, but it ended up not working out. Neither of us shared that kiss with anyone, in fact, which ended up likely being a good thing. Flash forward to September 2015 after months of sporadic flirting on social media, I knew through a mutual friend that she was traveling to Starkville, Mississippi for the LSU game. I made certain that we had plans to meet up the Friday night after we arrived, which we did. We hit it off and I finally secured her number. We then tailgated together the next day, ironically had tickets on the same row, and watched the Tigers win. The entire next day, we texted nonstop. When I arrived home on Sunday, I vividly recall telling my roommate that I met someone special, unlike any feeling I’ve ever had meeting another woman. Kristen and I went on our first date for drinks and a movie the Thursday after. I knew within that week that I found the girl I wanted to marry.” -Sean

Photo Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

“The first thing that attracted me to Sean was probably his lively spirit and his fun-loving personality. I remember his eyes just looking so bright and full of excitement the night that we met. That’s what immediately drew me into him, but what kept me interested was the way that he listened so intently every time we spoke over the next few days. I actually experienced something pretty tragic the morning after we first met. One of my childhood friends was killed in a military training accident, and I found out the day of the LSU football game while I was in Starkville. I was in no mood to tailgate or have a good time that day because I was heartbroken over the loss of my friend. I was able to open up to Sean about it and share everything with him. He allowed me to be sad and mourn my friend, and he comforted me when I needed it, but he also helped bring my spirits back up and turned a very sad day for me into a much happier one.” -Kristen

“This one’s easy: Kristen’s smile. It’s infectious and pure. No one has a smile like hers. It made and still makes all of my bad days vanish and feel the same giddy feeling as I felt when we first began dating.” -Sean

When did you know that they were the one?

“I knew that Sean was the one probably about a month after we met. I knew this because of the way that he was patient, yet persistent in his pursuit of me. We had gone on a few dates when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. I actually said no the first time he asked. I hadn’t dated anyone in a long time and I was scared to get hurt. When I turned him down, he seemed to understand. He didn’t get angry. He didn’t push me into anything I wasn’t completely ready for. He just continued to assure me and make me comfortable in our relationship over the next few days, and less than a week later, when he asked me to be his girlfriend a second time, I said yes without hesitation. I knew then that when I agreed to be his girlfriend, that I wanted to be his wife one day.” -Kristen

“I answered this earlier, but within a week of us “meeting,” depending on whose story you believe as far as when we met. After our weekend in Starkville, I knew by the time i returned home on Sunday and certainly by our first date that next Thursday.” -Sean

Why did you choose to propose where you did?

“It didn’t take long after I met Kristen for me to understand how much she adored New York City. It held a special place in her heart before we met. She actually went on a trip there with one of her girlfriends early on in our relationship. She and I then returned in December 2017-January 2018 for NYE. On that trip, we walked through Central Park for hours as we saw about 5 inches of snow fall from start to finish in the early morning hours. It was incredible. We referred to it as one of the happiest days of our lives. I knew then that we needed to return to Central Park for our engagement.” -Sean

Photo Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?

“Certainly. I couldn’t have done it without a support group. I knew nothing about rings or jewelry before shopping her ring. I used two of her best friends and my mother for advice. I’m also lucky to have the resources of the internet to educate myself on engagement rings. As far as the proposal itself, that was primarily my idea without any assistance. Of course James, our photographer, was invaluable in assisting the specific details for the how and the when.” -Sean

Where did you purchase the ring?

“Elgin’s fine jewelers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.” -Sean

Photo Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and KristenPhoto Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and KristenPhoto Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and KristenPhoto Central Park Engagement Proposal: Sean and Kristen