Photo Central Park Engagement Photography: Matthew and Cristina

Central Park Engagement Photography: Matthew and Cristina

One of our favorite places for Central Park engagement photography is Bow Bridge. Matthew surprised Cristina with a proposal with the scenic backdrop illuminating his engagement. 

After Matthew’s proposal, the newly-engaged couple shared with us their meeting story and how they fell in love!

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“We actually met on a blind date. Mutual friends wanted to set Cristina up with me, so they agreed. After a few weeks of getting to know each other over the phone, literally talking about so many things that when it came time for the first date, we were both worried that we wouldn’t have too much to say! The day finally came and Cristina told me she was so nervous that she drove by the parking garage and considered driving right back home, but little did we both know that we were about to meet the love of our life. For me, right off the bat I was drawn to her sense of humor. Having a family is really important to me, and I remember really liking the the fact that she was a great mother, the love that she had for Jackson was known from day 1. We were on one of our first dates at a beautiful restaurant on the beach and the girl ordered wings. Now that’s impressive. Almost as great as her big beautiful smile.”

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“In the fall after we first met, we took a trip down to Myrtle Beach. I planned a beautiful vacation full of surprises. However, while we were there (after a 13 hour drive and 1 flat tire) a hurricane hit. Roads were flooded, EVERYTHING was closed. All of the surprises had to be cancelled. It was declared a state of emergency. We spent 4 days in a hotel trying to find things to do together. And you know what? None of it mattered. We had a great time. After a couple days of mild weather at the end of our trip, my car had an issue with the axle, which basically made it undriveable and had to be serviced, leaving us without transportation for the last day of our trip. We came home from that trip feeling like we had just had the best vacation of our lives. I knew if we went through something like that and still had so many laughs and good times together that I wanted to be with her forever. I chose to propose in New York because it isn’t really a place we go to a lot but whenever we do we have an amazing time. It’s special to us and beautiful. Once I saw what the weather was supposed to be like that weekend I knew it was the perfect place.When it came to planning the proposal my best friends wife helped me pick out the ring and James from Paparazzi Proposal helped make it all happen.”

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Cristina says, “I was attracted to Matt before I even met him. He had an amazing relationship with his family, he wanted the same things out of life that I did. He was responsible and hardworking and most importantly, he made me laugh. As time went on the thing that attracted me the most was how centered he made me feel. I can be a whirlwind and something about Matt made me feel calm. Loving him has always been easy, and once our relationship grew and he became a father figure to my son Jackson watching him fill that role has single handedly become one of the most attractive things about him. I remember exactly when I knew I could marry Matt. We were sitting outside having drinks after dinner the summer after we met and he asked me about my son. I told him the good the bad and the ugly thinking he was going to find out all the details eventually. After I finished I looked away and he simply said “if you can go through all of that and come out the other side the person that you are, then you are someone I want on my team.” I knew at the moment if my past did not scare him away, if he was willing to see the beauty in the breakdown, that he was the person I could spend the rest of my life with.”
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