Central Park Engagement Photography: Blake and Kelly

Jake reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to capture a central park engagement photography session in New York City during their trip!

It began with a walk across the park, leading to Bow Bridge, where Blake got down on one knee and asked Kelly to marry him! Afterwards, Kelly shared with us their love story, from meeting to falling in love.

“Summer of 2015 through our mutual friends. Someone had dropped a cup at the bar and little glass pieces were stuck in my foot. Blake took the glass out of my foot at the bar and later found tweezers that he followed me around with trying to make sure he had finished the job. Part of the reason we were going out that night was to celebrate Blake going to live abroad for the next several years. He delayed his flight so we could hang out that next week and then we said goodbye for good. Instead of just leaving it, we kept in communication. A few months later I flew to China to meet him. We spent two weeks there and then he booked a ticket home with me.

Blake took me to a sushi place for our first date. He laughed through all the courses, helped me scoop things up with his chopsticks, and told me if I had a problem with double dipping in the sauces then the date wasn’t going to work out anyway. He made me laugh the whole time and he also had a certain confidence about him.

It was 6-8 months into the relationship when I had eaten a big meal and Blake bent down to talk to my stomach like there was a baby in there as a joke because it was so full. All of a sudden I pictured my life with him and it was colorful and exciting. I knew that that was the kind of life I wanted.”

We couldn’t be happier for these two. Talk about #couplegoals! And if you want more romantic stories and stunning, one-in-a-lifetime moments, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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