Photo Burlington Engagement Proposals: Steve and Becki

Burlington Engagement Proposals: Steve and Becki

Steve took Becki on a horse-and-carriage ride through the snow. It was a romantic ride that she would never forget. 

After all, how could she forget when Steve arranged for us to capture every moment? View all the moments before, during and after their magical engagement, here! We had a chance to speak to the newly-engaged couple, and they shared with us how they met and, inevitably, how they fell in love.

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“We originally met in Middle School.  I was friends with Becki’s older brother and we met through him.  Eventually our circle of friends began to overlap and we started running into each other more and more.  Any time we were in the same room together, there was a competition of who was going to be the biggest personality.  At first, our larger-than-life personalities caused us to butt heads, but eventually we began to realize how similar to one another we are and how much we had in common.  Those large group get-togethers ultimately lead to us wanting to find a way to spend some solo time with each other.  Talking eventually lead to me asking her to be my date to my sister’s friend’s wedding, which she said “yes”.  That wedding was on 6/19/10.  After that, we officially began dating and she’s been putting up with me ever since.”

“Becki has an amazing sense of humor and always gets the joke.  I pick on her all the time for laughing at herself, but it’s one of the things that I love about her.  Whenever she laughs at one of her own jokes, I jokingly tell her that she’s her own biggest fan, but that’s not true, because I’m her biggest fan.  I loved that she has a no-nonsense attitude.  She challenged me in ways that I never encountered before.  There were definitely times when someone needed to get me off of my high-horse, and she always knew the right way to do it and keep me in check.  After that, it was like an addiction and I needed more of her in my life.  Love is one hell of a drug…”

“Every guy knows (or should know) that a proposal is a big deal for women.  Like, a BIG deal.  When we planned a weekend away in Vermont, I knew that was when I wanted to pop the question, and I wanted to make it special.  However, Vermont in the wintertime made for a perplexing time in regards to planning.  Becki loves animals so I knew that she would be excited to go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride and I knew that would give me an opportunity to make it unforgettable for her.  After making that decision, I came across a sleigh-ride proposal on Paparazzi Proposal’s website and I knew she would LOVE to have a photographer there to capture the moment.”

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“We technically met in middle school as we went to the same school and Steve was mutual friends with kids that my older brother was friends with. We got to know each other more so during high school as our own groups of friends intertwined. It wasn’t until after high school (when Steve had actually moved away to Rhode Island and would visit on the weekends) that we really got to know each other. One of my best friends and his best friends are brothers, so we ended up at a lot of the same events/hangouts together. It was not love at first sight however. I remember several times where we got into screaming matches with one another, usually resulting in me leaving wherever we were. Our big personalities were not an immediate match. I can’t pinpoint what changed, but over time I grew to enjoy his company. We became friends and would hang out on our own before it led into anything more. After an on-again off-again period, we finally realized ‘umm hey, I need to be WITH you, like permanently.'”

“After getting over my initial irritation of him…his sense of humor. Steve is hilarious. EXTREMELY quick witted. Always able to make a joke, but like the FUNNY jokes, not the courtesy laugh kind of jokes.”

“I can’t recall any single moment of birds chirping and wind swirling where I realized “this is my soulmate”. I do remember at some point during our relationship years ago, realizing that this is what it felt like to have someone truly love you for who you are as a person and to feel RESPECT at the highest level. That was it for me, knowing and feeling this was when I KNEW he was it for me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever trade him in for a younger model.”

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