Photo NYC Bryant Park Marriage Proposal Pictures – Iain’s Perfect Proposal

NYC Bryant Park Marriage Proposal Pictures – Iain’s Perfect Proposal

With a last name like Bryant, where better for Iain to propose than the beautiful Bryant Park in the heart of NYC!

After enjoying an all-morning tour of New York City’s parks, Iain had planned one last stop for the afternoon. Jane thought it was just to grab a quick lunch. Yes, lunch was a part of the plan, but before they could eat Iain just needed a certain question answered.

He knew he wanted to propose. However, he no idea how he should do so or where he should do it. In need of some proposal ideas, he enlisted the help of 45 Riots and Brilliant Event Planning. They helped arrange for a sneaky but special proposal! With a giant banner displaying the words “Will you marry me?” positioned directly below the rooftop on which they were dining, Iain walked Jane over to the edge and had her peek down to the park below. As she noticed and read the sign aloud, Iain “assumed the position,” getting down on bended knee. After her shock subsided, Jane excitedly and proudly declared “YES!”

You can see the entire collection of photographs from their special day by clicking here. You can also take a look at another great NYC proposal captured by Paparazzi Proposals here . In need of some ideas as to where to propose and how to do it? With experience in planning and photographing proposals all across the country, we are ready to help you plan and execute your perfect proposal. We won’t rest until you to have arranged an engagement moment you can cherish forever! Learn more about us here.