Photo Bryant Park Engagement Proposal

Bryant Park Engagement Proposal

Some couples know they found the one from the first moments of meeting. Michael and Ashley knew from their first kiss. 

After their big moment, we got a chance to speak with Michael, who shared with us everything that led to him at Bryant Park, down on one knee with a diamond ring.

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We met at an annual charity softball event in August of 2014. I was playing in the tournament and, at the end of the day, she showed up with her friend and her dog. They showed up to the field to meet her friend’s fiance, who was playing for one of the other teams in the tournament. My friend’s girlfriend at the time was a mutual friend and wanted to introduce me. Unfortunately, I had a few too many beers that day and was extremely nervous and shy. We never ended up speaking. A few weeks later, after another softball game, my buddy and I were getting ready to head out for a fun night with his girlfriend. When we met up I asked about that cute girl that was at the softball tournament. A few days later, I received a text from my friend’s girlfriend with Ashley’s cell phone number. I called her up that afternoon and we hit it off right away. I asked her if she wanted to meet up for a drink or dinner, but she said she needed to check her schedule (she really just needed to check me out on Instagram). Later that night, we set a date to meet up a few days later for drinks and dinner. On my way to meet her, I realized I missed a spot on my face while shaving and had to stop for razors. This made me all of 2 minutes late and Ashley thought she was being stood up. We had a few drinks and a lot of laughs. I asked if she was hungry and she insisted no (little did I know she was going to starve me because she didn’t want to get stuck eating with somebody she may not like). Horrible! I was starving!! We ended up heading to another bar down the road for another drink…..I still have not eaten at this point and never got to. I then walked her to her car to end the night and got a quick kiss goodnight. After a few steps toward our car, she turned around and jumped into my arms to go in for a bigger kiss. This kiss is where it all began….and that is where we fell in LOVE.”

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“The first thing that attracted me to Ashley was her smile. She was this small, petite girl with an amazing face. When we went out for the first time she was very down to earth. A girl I could talk about sports and drink a beer with. I thought she was absolutely GORGEOUS! I think we both agree that we knew each other was the one when she leaped into my arms on the first date.”

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“I chose to propose at Bryant Park because it is our favorite park. We were hanging out in the city one weekend and stumbled into the park around Christmas time, 2 years ago. We loved all of the little pop-up holiday shops and the atmosphere. I started working 2 blocks away from the park in March of 2016 and every time Ashley comes and visits me after work, Bryant Park is our meet up place and we always have a drink at the Southwest bar before we head to dinner.”

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