Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

We had the pleasure of capturing Austin’s Bow Bridge engagement proposal last weekend!

After the special moment and an impromptu portrait session, he shared with us how Caroline and him fell in love!

Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

“Caroline and I both attended Bentley University and I first met her at the gym where we both used to work out very early in the morning. She was frantically scavenging the gym looking for a piece of equipment and I offered to help her find it but she quickly said she was all set and went off on her way. The next encounter where I met Caroline was at the old dining hall at our college. I used to see her pacing around with only one thing on her mind – food. My buddy and I used to call her the “Seasons sprinter” (Season’s was the name of our dining hall). I used to think it was the cutest thing. One week before we officially met, I found out Caroline’s last name (Fitzgerald) when I ended up going to the University’s health center and had her mother, Mrs. Fitzgerald as my nurse and I saw Caroline’s picture on her desk.Then, the night when Caroline and I officially met I was coming back from a restaurant where my family was hosting a joint birthday party for myself and for my aunt who had birthdays near each other. I had met up with some friends at a party and it was there that I saw Caroline talking with a a couple of friends in the corner. After my few encounters with Caroline before and meeting her mother not long ago, I now knew her name and mustered up the courage to go over and talk with Caroline. I quickly introduced myself and we began talking and were instantly hooked. We were so engaged with one another that we didn’t even realize that all of our friends had left the party and that we were some of the last people there! Realizing that the party had come to a close, we quickly laughed our way out of the apartment holding hands and haven’t stopped laughing together since.”

Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

“I think the deciding factor for me was a combination of events. Our family is pretty close and often has events and parties together throughout the year. Caroline and I had been dating for almost five years and it was amazing to see how close and comfortable she had become with everyone in my family. Additionally, after living together for a couple of months, I realized how compatible we really were together and how much fun and happiness we constantly surround ourselves with. The icing on the cake was the recent family Christmas trip to Aruba where Caroline came with my family for the holiday. Seeing Caroline get along so well with my family and truly feel like she was one of us made me know that she was the perfect match.


Since we are both relatively new to New York, I knew that I wanted to propose in New York City before we ever decide to move away. With that, the next objective was finding the actual place to propose and I had some help by actually viewing your website and your Yelp page. I had seen some individuals who had also been proposed to on Bow Bridge and I thought the location perfectly captured the beauty of Central Park with nature all around you, and the NYC high rises all in the skyline.”

Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and CarolinePhoto Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

Photo Bow Bridge Engagement proposal: Austin and Caroline

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