Photo Boston Engagement Photography: Joe and Shana

Boston Engagement Photography: Joe and Shana

A romantic evening accompanied by the Boston skyline and awaited by celebration with friends at a concert afterwards? You must be thinking of Joe’s picture-perfect proposal to Shana!

Joe shared with us the night they first met and the moments that led to his engagement proposal in Boston. He arranged for us to capture every moment.

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“We met at Empire on the fateful night of October 18th (maybe 19th) depending on which hour it actually was that evening, and who you’re asking. I had just purchased a round of fireball shots for the guys that had yet to be consumed, when Shana tried to snag one. I called her out on the attempt and explained that her friend (little red riding hood as I called him) who was purchasing drinks for the girls had actually purchased her a vodka redbull instead, but I did offer to buy her the shot she so desired. Shana proceeded to ask me where in PA I was from because of my accent, to which I replied Erie, PA. This turned out to be the relationship catalyst because Shana just so happened to be headed to Erie, PA for work around Thanksgiving, which gave me the perfect opportunity to snag her number and ask her out on a date. The rest, as they say, is history. We have talked everyday since then and, of course, are now engaged. The crazy thing is, neither of us really wanted to go out that night, but were convinced by our friends to grab some drinks and let loose. Looking back, we’re glad we did.”

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“It was somewhere after my birthday in January of 2015 and before Valentine’s Day that year that I knew she was the one. I had a moment of reflection from our first date to that point and realized how much I had been working to put her first and how much better we each tried to be for one another. I realized then that we shared the same love and just had to actually start saving money to put a ring on it. As far as planning the proposal,  a lot of it had to do with a place she wouldn’t suspect a proposal to occur. I had spent a few nights looking at skyline canvas artwork since we don’t have a lot in our house and, every now and then, I get those oddball interests. We also love to go to the Seaport district in Boston, so I played it off that day as really craving this delicious octopus dish and tasty cocktails at a restaurant called Committee, which Shana also happens to love. This way we could have a quick afternoon/early evening date before heading to meet up with friends at a concert. All in all, I really wanted an amazing view and something for her to remember, not to mention the place we met was right down the street so we could also go take photos there for nostalgia since that was where it all began a few years earlier.”

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