Photo Best Ways to Propose in Washington DC: Adam and Rachel

Best Ways to Propose in Washington DC: Adam and Rachel

Gravelly Point is a beautiful open field of grass within the National Park Service’s George Washington Memorial Parkway, and it also happened to be the picture-perfect location for Adam’s surprise engagement proposal to Rachel. 

Adam and Rachel met volunteering at a youth group event on October 24th, 2014. He had just moved to Washington D.C. and Rachel was telling him about different ways to meet friends in the city… Little did Adam know he had just met his soon-to-be best friend.

Rachel was drawn to how warm and open Adam was. “He was so easy to talk to; the first day we met we talked for 4 hours!” Adam loved how she was a ball of energy and always had a smile on her face. Rachel knew Adam was the one because of football Sundays. He is a huge Eagles fan and she is a big Redskins fan, so their relationship could have ended right there. Instead, they would spend almost every Sunday watching football for hours.

Those were the days Rachel realized how relaxed and happy she was with him and that she could spend every Sunday with him for the rest of her life. Adam decided to propose the day after his birthday because Rachel wouldn’t expect it.

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He chose to do it at Gravelly Point because it was near the airport where she was picking him up and wouldn’t make her suspicious that anything was going on.

“It is such a beautiful spot with views of the planes taking off, as well as landmarks in DC like the Washington Monument that we have visited together.”

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