Photo Best Rooftop Proposal in New York: Mark and Siera

Best Rooftop Proposal in New York: Mark and Siera

Mark wanted to execute the best rooftop proposal in New York, having the skyline adorning the moment he gets down on one knee.

After buying the ring, he reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to take care of the rest! After the big kneeling moment, the newly-engaged couple shared the story of how their two lives became one.

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“We met in biology class in 2010 our junior year of high school in Hobbs, NM. We did not start dating, however, until the summer of 2013, after freshman year of college. We have been dating for 3 and a half years. We dated for 3 years long-distance while she finished her Nursing degree from Baylor, and I finished my Electrical Engineering degree at Texas Tech. We knew each other for years before we started dating. We came back from freshman year of college and I saw her in a way I had never before. She was standing there beautiful, and I instantly had a crush on her, a person I had already called a friend for years. I had always known her to have been a very strong person, who doesn’t just rollover. She’s always been tough, but also amazingly nice to people. And when we got closer, I loved that about her. Her confidence, her toughness, her kindness. That’s what attracted me. Also, she’s absolutely beautiful!”

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“No matter the situation, we both never thought of running from each other. If we had an argument, the thought was never to break up, it was to get through it. Breaking up was just never in our vocabulary. We have been through a lot, and dating long-distance for 3 years never helped, but we got through it all. And every time we only got closer to each other. Gaining that ability to be able to trust that we weren’t going to run away when it wasn’t easy proved that we were meant to be together. I chose to propose in NYC when we decided to take a vacation there a few months back. I had already had the ring for months, trying to figure out a way to pop the question. I wanted to do it big, and make it unique and there is nothing bigger than a NYC rooftop. I have always been a big fan of NYC since visiting way back in 8th grade. It was going to be our first vacation together where it was just the two of us. She deserves the world and I thought theres no better way to give a day she would never forget than to do it big in NYC.”
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