Photo Ben and Lucie’s ‘Sleep No More’ proposal, NYC

Ben and Lucie’s ‘Sleep No More’ proposal, NYC

Ben and Lucie flew in from the UK for a romantic NYC getaway…

With the help of The Proposal Planner at Brilliant Event Planning, Ben organized an extraordinary proposal at the famous ‘Sleep No More’ production in NYC that took Lucie’s breath away!

Ben had previously proposed and married  Lucie in Las Vegas. This time, he wanted to make sure it was perfect! Brilliant Event Planning made sure the whole cast and crew were involved in the proposal plan. Our photographers took pictures of them as they arrived, were walking in,  and as they had a drink at the bar. Afterwards, Lucie was taken away through a labyrinth of otherworldly rooms to enjoy performances which were tailored just for her!

While Lucie enjoyed her performances, Ben was waiting in a room lit with candles,  a guitarist in the corner and photos of them displayed in pictures around the room.

After her show, Lucie was lead to the room with specific instructions to open the door with a secret key which had previously been put around her neck. As she opened the door and walked into the room (our photographer was hidden behind a curtain) she was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe all the effort he had gone through! After the tears, hugs, and kisses, Lucie joyfully accepted the proposal (again!) and they enjoyed champagne and a few portraits.

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