Photo Baltimore Surprise Proposal Photography

Baltimore Surprise Proposal Photography

Baltimore’s Federal Hill Park is where Cullen first knew college sweetheart Melissa was The One.  So it’s where he decided to pop the question!

How They Met:

These college sweethearts met when they lived in the same dorm building back in 2010.  Cullen was a Junior and Melissa, a sophomore.

Baltimore Surprise Proposal Photography

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Cullen noticed her from a distance, and thought she was cute.  So he stopped by her dorm room on his way home from class one day and they started chatting.  He spoke about his family and relayed a story about how he took his little sisters to a movie that week, and she was instantly intrigued by his commitment to his family.

Cullen could tell that Melissa was selective with who she chose to trust, and he enjoyed that about her.  He knew it would be a challenge to impress her, but he was up for it, and he set out to get to know her better!

How They Knew:

Baltimore Marriage Proposal Cullen - 8Melissa says she knew after their first unofficial date that Cullen was The One.

 After they walked to church together on a Sunday morning, Cullen asked her to join him afterwards to help him pick out a birthday gift for his older sister and go for coffee.

For Cullen, it took until about a year into their relationship, when they went to Baltimore on their first getaway as a couple.  He was so content and at peace when they were taking a walk together around Federal Hill Park, that he knew he never wanted to be with anyone else.

The Surprise Proposal:

Cullen carefully planned his surprise proposal under the guise of a romantic weekend getaway, taking precautions to make sure it was a complete surprise.

Baltimore Proposal Ideas Cullen - 1

He organized another trip to Baltimore, this time with an extra special question to ask! When they reached a scenic point that overlooked all of Maryland, Cullen dropped to one knee and presented her with a gorgeous ring Charisma Jewelers in Rochester, New York.  Judging by her priceless reaction, discreetly captured with our unique brand of proposal photography, it was a total success!

After she said yes, the couple wandered to the nearby American Visionary Art Museum for a unique and stunning post-proposal engagement session!  

More incredible snapshots from the day, in their full proposal photo story.

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