Photo Bahamas Destination Engagement Proposals: Gordon and Siobhain

Bahamas Destination Engagement Proposals: Gordon and Siobhain

Known for the long pink sand beaches stretching along its eastern shore, Harbour Island is a must-see when visiting the Bahamas. 

Gordon and Siobhain, one of the lucky couples chosen from our Say Yes in the Bahamas campaign, had the opportunity of a lifetime with an all expense paid trip to Harbour Island.

Though, the premise of the contest was unknown to Siobhain, who had no idea Gordon won it as part of his upcoming proposal!

Photo Bahamas Destination Engagement Proposals: Gordon and Siobhain

In partnership with the Bahamas Tourism Board, we planned a proposal neither of them would forget. A romantic and relaxing weekend in Harbour Island, we coordinate for a special set up for Gordon to get down on one knee.

Siobhain fell in love with the island, referring to it as her dream paradise.

“Harbour Island, it is a little gem. It is like a dollhouse, almost a dream. If you were to dream about a paradise island – and you were to visit one – that is what it would be like.”

When asked on what attracted him to her, Gordon said it was instant.

“She walked by, and we kind of both made eye contact. We pointed at one another and were like, Wow, hey. How are you? The rest was history. We clicked right away.

I always tell her all the time – it was almost instant for me.

As I got to know her, she had a heart of gold, you know, very genuine person. Those genuine qualities, that is what I love most. It stuck with me right away.”

When it finally came down to one knee, Gordon knew just what to say.

“You know that from the minute I met you. And, you know, since then, you moved in. We have lived together.  And, we have two beautiful children coming. You know how much I love you. Will you marry me?”

Bahamas Destination Engagement ProposalsBahamas Destination Engagement Proposals Bahamas Destination Engagement Proposals

“Siobhain said the answer he had been waiting for, YES!”

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