Photo Austin Engagement Proposals: Justin and Jill

Austin Engagement Proposals: Justin and Jill

We love capturing surprise Austin engagement proposals. The build up, the reaction, the kissing and celebrating afterwards – it is music to our photographer’s camera.

Justin reached out to us because he wanted to surprise Jill with an engagement proposal she would never forget. We coordinated for our sneaky photographer to be at Mattie’s Restaurant, where he planned to have the big kneeling moment. 
Photo Austin Engagement Proposals: Justin and Jill

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Upon arriving to the restaurant, Jill began to realize this was no ordinary date night! Justin used this as the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and pull out a diamond ring.

Our photographer captured every once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Austin engagement proposals

Austin Engagement ProposalsPhoto Austin Engagement Proposals: Justin and JillAustin Engagement Proposals

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