Photo Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and Breahana

Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and Breahana

Joshua reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to capture an amazing Austin engagement photography session with a breath-taking view at 360 Bridge. 

It all started by inviting his partner on a stroll, while concealing a diamond ring in his pocket. When she least expected, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Breahana shared with us the story of how they met and fell in love.

Photo Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and Breahana

“To start off, it was October 3rd, 2015 in Michigan…. one of those days up North where the seasons could go either way in minutes. Well, I was a Timberwolf Cheerleader at Northwood University. Saturdays of the fall season were official Football days for us girls. This day wasn’t the normal of most football Saturdays- it was also Homecoming weekend and an NU hosted Auto Show which I was also part of. This weekend was the worst weather wise it was 30 degrees and raining, snowing, sleeting, everything was muddy, in puddles and we of course were soaked and super cold from standing outside cheering on the football team to victory for over 4 hours. I personally at the end was frozen and all wet, only to go stand outside for another 5 hours at the auto show tent I was hosting at. After the game ended we all ran to the athletic building for a little more warmth – as we passed by the “operations desk” there sat two people one I knew and one I didn’t. I proceeded to walk by shivering trying to warm my hands and this random guy (Josh) decides to say, “Did you survive the weather today?” or something along those lines… Me being the sassy one I am I was like of course not, feel how cold my hands are – so I offered to put my hand on him just, so he could feel. This was our first interaction – never even knowing who he was before or his name. He sat there with a girl I knew, I didn’t think much of it, but I can say I was touched after that moment, but a little sad I had to go stand outside some more for the rest of the day. These weekends were huge at our University – parents came to down, old alumni friends came in and stayed with me. After I had finished my overall day and my friend came into town, I asked her if she knew him and who he was- coincidentally she knew because she gave him his NU tour when he came to visit. So, as girls do– we social media stalked him all night asking questions and what not and she thought it was a good fit and to make see what he was all about. A few days go by and I realize that I have seen this person around more than I can count and I had just never noticed- seeing him at games, passing by him in halls, social media likes and then some. I finally get the courage to add him on Facebook to see what he was all about, and I noticed through my “stalking” he was previously part of an internship in past years that I just interviewed for a week before, and I was awaiting the call back that week to see if I got the position or not. On October 7th, 2015 I finally message him and say, “Hey I seen you did the Dow Corning Tennis Classic, how was that?” He said it was good, and that it was a fun experience and that he could be helping with this years (the one I was hoping to be in) since he had done it the last 2 years prior. Well after some chatting about us and what we do, I got the call about the tennis classic interview later on that afternoon to I told him, and he response with ‘I am just good luck’ and the rest is history from there.”

Photo Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and Breahana

“After being long term in another situation before, I was scared to commit, but I knew that is what I wanted/needed. I believe that the first time I put on our first movie hanging out together being “Life of Pi” (and I said it was a great movie) and he made it through that whole movie after midnight without falling asleep (which he can’t even make it now through a regular movie), I thought that was impressive and I knew then we was pretty dedicated on impressing me (always). But we have always have been a perfect match just like twins on our thoughts, sayings, and actions – and I knew more and more every day that if this isn’t a soulmate then I don’t know what is! We also had made it through a long-distance patch pretty easy for about a year and if that was easy for us then anything is achievable.”

Photo Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and BreahanaPhoto Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and BreahanaPhoto Austin Engagement Photography: Joshua and Breahana

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