Photo Hawaii Engagement Photographer: Alex and Caylyn

Hawaii Engagement Photographer: Alex and Caylyn

Paparazzi Proposals got the chance to capture a beautiful Hawaii engagement proposal photography session.
Alex arranged a romantic walk on the beach but had a special surprise. The newly-engaged couple shared with us their meeting story and how they fell in love.
“We both met during Caylyn’s last semester of college. We actually first started dating through Tinder. I had noticed her wearing my high school alma mater which sparked up a conversation. But to our parents and most other people, our official story was that we randomly stumbled on each other at Mission Beach in San Diego, haha.
It’s a really funny story of fate because leading up to this we had never crossed paths, yet we went to the same middle school and high school and we were in the same grade. To make matters even more funny, we found out we had some of the same classes and some of the same AP teachers, just during different periods. Caylyn was in yearbook and when we were going through our senior year yearbook, she showed me the pages she was in charge of making / editing and the ONE picture I had in that yearbook aside from the typical senior portrait was on her page. She had a picture of me in robotics and remembered asking people to double check her spelling of my name because it was different.” -Alex
“Even though we didn’t know each other during that time, I think it was perfect timing to meet after college because we had both grown during college and were starting our career paths, so we were able to support each other through that time.” -Caylyn
“I really liked her light heartedness and her laugh! I’m not exaggerating when I say that Caylyn can experience a laughing fit where she uncontrollably laughs because she keeps replaying funny moments in her head. These outbursts can last a few seconds or sometimes close to half an hour! On our first date I got to experience that during our conversation and during the movie that I invited her to join me in watching. On top of that, I got to realize how genuine, kind and caring she is. Her whole personality was completely refreshing to experience and I was hooked after that.” -Alex
“I knew I wanted to spend my life with him due to a lot of things. One being how well he got along with my family and how well I got along with his mom! They both just fit right in with everyone and my family loved them from the start. Another being how well we compliment each other. We are opposites in some areas of our personality, but I think it’s here where we really balance each other out and make us better versions of ourselves. I love that about him and I knew that he was the one because he makes me better. We communicate so well and it makes us strong for sure! There’s so many things I love about him hehe” -Caylyn
“Our relationship progressed very naturally and my feelings for her kept growing stronger and more certain. We very quickly were faced with some hardships as my profession forced us into a long distance relationship shortly after we became exclusive. We committed when I moved that this relationship would only be worth our time if we had the intention to make this a lifelong thing. With that mindset we kept working on some of our differences and it strengthened our relationship very quickly. We have many similarities that play well with each other, but it took some work to integrate our differences. Overall though. Because of our commitment to one another I very naturally felt confident that she was the one for me.” -Alex
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