Photo Atlanta Engagement Proposals: Jordan and Alexandra

Atlanta Engagement Proposals: Jordan and Alexandra

Sometimes, it doesn’t always work on the first try. For Alex and Jordan, it took a few encounters for them to officially meet. Paparazzi Proposals captured his perfect proposal to, thankfully, the one that didn’t get away!

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Alex and Jordan had crossed paths a few times during their college campus in Detroit, but never had the chance officially meet. They finally ran into each other by chance while hanging out with a mutual friends one night in the Spring of 2013. Jordan used it as an opportunity to try and put a smile on her face, and did his best to make her laugh! From that night on, they both knew it was the start of a long lasting friendship.

Jordan loved Alex’s smile from the first time he saw her. Also, the fact that she thought he was funny was a big plus! Alex has always thought he had a great sense of humor and has a soft spot for blue eyes!

From the beginning, they both knew they were a perfect fit. “We had a great sense of ease when talking to each other, we just clicked! We knew we wanted to be spending a lot of time together.”

Jordan chose his proposal spot for various reasons.

“Alex and I always love exploring parks together, and soaking in the different sights! We currently live in different states, so we often meet up in Atlanta. We had explored bits and pieces of the city, but had never gone to Piedmont Park. I knew it’d be a fun adventure for us to explore it together, and knew I could surprise her there!”

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