Amit and Kinal’s Rockefeller scavenger hunt paparazzi proposal, New York.

Amit had planned so much for this amazing proposal, with hidden family, a fake scavenger hunt and a beautiful ring!

Amit had organized a pretend scavenger hunt all around New York which the hotel pretended to put on!

While the couple where running around New York City in the rain the whole of Amit and Kinal’s family had secretly flown in and were in position to surprise Kinal at the proposal. As the couple came to the last clue at the Rockefeller Centre they were told they had won the hunt, they were then given the choice of the price or gamble for the secret price! They chose to gamble and that was when Amit dropped to one knee with all their family rushing out to be apart of it! It was such a pleasure to be apart of this amazing proposal. You can see the whole album of pictures here.