Photo NYC Proposal Ideas

NYC Proposal Ideas

9 NYC Proposal Ideas for an Engagement with a View

You want the moment of your proposal to be memorable. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event that the two of you should cherish forever. The best way to make sure your big day is stunning: pick the right location! We’ve put together a list of our favorite NYC proposal spots, which serve as perfect backdrops for surprise engagement photography!

Top of the Rock


This proposal is all about NYC! Whether you’re visiting from out of town, or a native New Yorker, the Top of the Rock is the perfect place for an iconic proposal moment. Some of our favorite Top of the Rock proposal moments so far include:

Brooklyn Bridge


Just because you’re in Brooklyn doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice phenomenal views! A proposal at the Brooklyn Bridge Park or on the Bridge itself is a bit quieter than a Manhattan engagement. Plus, the two of you will be able to see the entirety of Manhattan while you stroll over the East River, or in the park! Some of the best bridge proposals we’ve seen so far:

Central Park

Rahim - 8

Central park is the pride and joy of the city. And with miles of meandering pathways, fountains, statues, reflection pools and even a zoo, it is the perfect place to pop the question, year-round.

Rooftop Proposal


Whether it’s at a hotel, or on the top of your own apartment, a rooftop proposal is a perfect way to propose with a view! You are still in the heart of Manhattan, but removed from all the hustle and bustle. Check out how these marriage hopefuls dropped down to one knee hundreds of feet above the ground:

Colin and Irene’s Apartment Proposal:  Every night, they shared a toast on their rooftop with a view.  So when the time came to propose, Colin wanted it to be in their special spot.

Michael and Caitlin’s Hotel Rooftop Engagement: She always dreamt of a  rooftop engagement.  So when Michael whisked his small-town girl away to the big city for the weekend, he chose this private hotel rooftop for his proposal!

Ready to plan your own proposal with a view?  Simply seeking NYC proposal ideas? Either way, Paparazzi Proposals has you covered.  Check out some of our favorite NYC Proposals for inspiration.  And when you’re ready to pop the question,  contact us for a free proposal planning consultation. With our unique brand of surprise engagement photography, we can help you both plan and photograph your dream engagement.  And if you’re not in NY, it’s not a problem.  Our services are available everywhere!