San Antonio Engagement Photographer: Taylor and Jenna

Our San Antonio engagement photographer captured a stunning engagement proposal at a gorgeous winery between Taylor and Jenna.
Taylor coordinated with Paparazzi Proposals and Dry Comal Creek Winery to set up a surprise proposal of Jenna’s dreams.  She thought they were going for a tasting but Taylor planned to give her the taste of happily-ever-after. Our sneaky photographer was discreetly posing to be working for the winery, awaiting the big kneeling moment.
When Jenna least expected, Taylor got down on one knee and popped out a diamond ring. We loved hearing how they met and fell in love. Read their love story and see pictures of their engagement below!

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“We first met in college at UTSA through mutual friends. We had all met up in the library to hang out and kill time during the day. The first day we met we ended up staying in the library and talking to each other after our friends had left for their classes.
My friends had told me a bit about Jenna before I met her. Fit, health-conscious foodie, went to high school in San Antonio, goofy sense of humor and a nerd (all the same as myself). After hearing all these things from my friends alone attracted me to her without even having to meet her!
I honestly think I knew she was the one when I convinced her to come to one of my sporting events before we started dating. In between games, we just sat and talked to each other. A couple of moments stand out most to me. One was me putting my arm around her and having to be close to her to talk in her ear because the speakers were so loud, and the other was us being cute and flirty, laying on turf next to each other and throwing to the turf at one another. I really got to know her that day and felt like we were one in the same person. (She read this and felt the same)
I chose to propose at a winery near New Braunfels, Texas mostly, because of how beautiful the venue was. I wasn’t too picky about where to propose it, but it had to be meaningful and not something that everyone else tries to do (Disney World proposal would have been a thing if it weren’t for that!)
I planned most of the proposal by myself, but I did have help from paparazzi photography as I was unsure of where I wanted to propose, as I wanted to have the best venue I could find near San Antonio that offered enough privacy for a more romantic proposal. They did help coordinate between myself and the vineyard I proposed at along with getting the photographer set up after I booked with them.” -Taylor
He purchased the stunning ring from Jared.

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