Photo 3 Reasons why you need a Proposal Planner

3 Reasons why you need a Proposal Planner

Sarah Pease, The Proposal Planner has given us the top 3 pointers every guy needs!

Recently, lip-dub marriage proposals and flash mob engagements have taken over the Internet. Marriage proposals are becoming increasingly more intricate, leaving some people wondering how to make their proposal stand out. Here are three ways a proposal planner can help you pull off a dream proposal that’s YouTube worthy.


Get a Creativity Boost

Let’s face it, most of us are not the next Martha Stewart. So, it can be a bit intimidating to see all the intricate proposal ideas your search engine spews out. Need an idea that tops them all? Don’t let a lack of creativity stand between you and the perfect proposal. A proposal planner can dream up amazing ideas for you.


Receive Some Advice

As with any major life event, you’ll probably want some advice before the big moment. Marriage proposal planners execute perfect proposals-everyday. They are experts. Even if you have a solid idea for how you want to pop the question, chances are your execution could use some tweaking. A proposal planner can be an excellent source of advice and will ensure that you don’t make typical proposal mistakes.



Are you worried that the limo won’t show up on time or that the ring won’t end up in the right dessert? Hiring a proposal planner allows you to let go of these anxieties and focus on what matters most, your fiancé-to-be. Plus, if you are tense, she will start to suspect that you are up to something. The last thing you want to do is ruin the element of surprise!


Sarah Pease, The Proposal Planner is the foremost expert on marriage proposals and i the pioneer of Marriage Proposal Planning. Sarah is the founder of Brilliant Event Planning and Proposal Ideas and has designed and produced dream engagements for countless lucky couples from across the world.