Featured on Shark Tank, The Today Show and More!

Forget the wedding photos! Surprise engagement photography is the latest way to capture the look of love.

That pivotal moment when someone drops to one knee and pops the question.  The candid reaction when he or she says, “Yes!” That private, shared experience is what couples are increasingly eager to document and remember forever.

And no one knows this better than Paparazzi Proposals.

Last week, founder James was featured on the entertainment segment The Insider for an interview on how he singlehandedly spearheaded the rapidly growing hidden engagement photography trend.

Inspired by his years as a paparazzi, James developed a star-quality service that helps people plan their proposals and discreetly capture it all without being detected by the fiancée. The result: an incredible photo story that documents the entire event.

Paparazzi Proposals has quickly grown into the only nationwide proposal photography company, with professional photographers in every major city who have been trained in the art of secretly photographing that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

His unique approach has not gone unnoticed.In 2013, he was invited to appear on Shark Tank, where he presented Paparazzi Proposals as the nation’s leading and only proposal photography company.  He was a finalist, striking up a deal with two Sharks who were inspired by his ingenuity and recognized the tremendous potential of the unique business.

He went on to appear on ABC News Nightline CBS Sunday Morning, and the Today Show:

Inspired by what you see? If you’re getting ready to propose and are stuck for ideas, or simply want to capture the magic of your engagement with stunning photos, reach out today and one of our team members will make sure your dream proposal is perfectly planned and photographed.