America’s Best Proposal Photography Company Paparazzi Proposals featured on ABC7 News

Paparazzi Proposals was recently featured as the go-to engagement proposal photography company across the nation on ABC7 News! With the proposal planning being taken almost as seriously as the wedding, it’s imperative to work with the right team. 

James Ambler, the founder of Paparazzi Proposals, had the chance to speak with ABC7 News anchor, Dion Lim, regarding what makes the company so special, and the factors that going into planning the picture-perfect engagement proposal.

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Describing the experience, Mariel told ABC7, “All of the sudden,” she said, “I see this guy with a telephoto lens, ninja to the ground, behind him like this – and I thought oh my god these New York tourists are so aggressive. This is crazy, and then I looked up and realized Mike was on one knee.”

So when planning your once-in-a-lifetime moment, what better way to ensure the perfect shot than by working with the best proposal photography company? After shooting thousands of engagement proposals each year, Paparazzi Proposals has never missed the shot. Stay tuned with us on Facebook and Instagram!