Photo Choosing the perfect diamond

Choosing the perfect diamond

How to choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring:Q and A with the Vice President and Devotion Diamond Brand Manager, Jevan Fox

Your diamond should be as unique as the person who is receiving it. No one knows this better than the team at Devotion Diamonds, a luxury brand with a Long Island flagship store, that has patented a unique, industry-leading diamond cut.

We contacted Jevan Fox to ask what goes into making a stand-out engagement ring:

What is your signature Devotion Diamond cut?

We have three patented diamond cuts: a round, a square (or princess) and a cushion. All three faceting structures have been worked on for over three decades before attaining a U.S. Patent. Our president/CEO, Perry Sporn worked tirelessly to create the perfect diamond cut that reveals a diamonds true Inner Blaze.
Cut from the rarest diamond crystal on earth, Devotion diamonds are hand selected from sawn material, a rare form of diamond rough. After we make the selection we then cut the goods into our patented Devotion Diamond cuts, working specifically with each rough diamond to cut the perfect round, square or cushion – we let the crystal dictate what shape the diamond becomes.

What is your signature Devotion diamond cut?

Round diamonds are the most popular and that is also the case with the Devotion Diamond. But, we love our cushion cut. The cushion cut diamond used to be the most popular diamond shape over a 100 years ago and we hope to increase attention to the modern version of the cushion cut by way of our Devotion Diamond Cushion. This cross between a rectangular and round shape is Devotion’s crowning achievement, our Cushion is a unique design with 77 facets and a brilliance that dramatically surpasses the traditional cushion.

Tell us about the Devotion line— What sets it apart from other lines? What was the inspiration behind it?

As a company we are inspired by true inner beauty, which we call Inner Blaze. By bringing to market our diamonds, along with our U.S.-made, handcrafted jewelry designs, we believe we provide something unique to the luxury diamond market.

Every engagement ring is custom made for each recipient, serialized and part of a limited edition styling design. That means that nobody else can have your engagement ring.

The line is designed in Vermont. Did this influence the concept?

We believe that Vermont is the Swiss Alps of America, where American Luxury truly lives. With nature at our backdoor, we have created a new bridal line that provides discerning consumers the ability to have premium grade product that is made in the US. We have design retreats in nature. We partner with vineyards, breweries, ski mountains and cheesemakers to help maintain and enhance the American Luxury industry in the Swiss Alps of America: Vermont.


We have also spoken to Winklette Taylor at one of Devotion’s retailers, Perrywinkle’s in Burlington, Vermont, to ask her advice on how to select a ring by keeping your proposal a secret. Read up on her advice, here.

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