6 Romantic Getaway Spots to Propose at in New Orleans

6 Romantic Getaway Spots to Propose at in New Orleans.

Known for its mystery and magic, New Orleans is the perfect spot to embark on your new journey together. The trouble can be narrowing down your proposal location in a metropolis filled with amazing hotspots and hideaways. 

Remember that photos are a key element of proposal planning. You don’t want to let this moment get away without having gorgeous photos that detail every moment of surprise, joy, and love. Let Paparazzi Proposals help you come up with a solid plan that will bring some serious romance to the moment. 

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1. Audubon Park

If you want to have a picnic, complete with celebratory champagne, check out Audubon Park in uptown New Orleans. This site has a lagoon, a fountain, lots of greenery, and gorgeous, old trees you can use for shade and ambiance. 

Get a park proposal package, and visit any time of the day or evening. Better yet, consider a sunset proposal and let Mother Nature give you flattering natural light for your pictures. 

2. Jackson Square

For an equal dose of history and French Quarter charm, pop the question at Jackson Square. Named after historical figure Andrew Jackson, this site is one of the most visited spots in the French Quarter. 

The pictures are sure to be amazing, with all the stunning structures and buildings in the background. And knowing you’re joining your lives together in a spot that has stood the test of time will be a great beginning for your future. 

3. A Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride Through the French Quarter

Feel like royalty as you see the French Quarter in a way that lets you solely focus on the beauty and romance of the city. As you go from street to street, you can talk about your first date and future plans. Then you can use that perfect moment to pop the question while feeling like you’re in your own private fairytale. 

4. A City Park Gondola Ride

Gondolas are the perfect spot for proposals. They give you seclusion in a beautiful setting on the water. Great for stealing an intimate moment like asking for a hand in marriage, you’ll both always remember that tranquil boat ride — even if your heart was pounding with excitement and nerves at the time. 

5. Bourbon Street at Night

If you love being in the action and don’t mind getting down on one knee in the middle of a crowd, a Bourbon Street proposal might be right up your alley. It’s a historic and famed street that people come from all over the world to see. It will make for some world-class photos when done under the street lamps on a busy night.

6. Steamboat Natchez

Go back to the days of glamour and opulence aboard the Steamboat Natchez, an authentic steamboat. It leaves from the French Quarter and gives you a unique look at the city. If you want a nighttime proposal, book an evening jazz cruise and dress up for the occasion. Your sweetheart will think it’s a special night on the town, but they’ll have no idea just how special it’s about to become. 

Spice Up Your Engagement

With its romantic blend of love, culture, and hotspots, New Orleans is a great place to celebrate a fresh start. But before you embark on your proposal without a plan in place, let Paparazzi Proposals help you.

We can brainstorm with you, offer you plans and ideas, and make sure you have plenty of top-quality pictures of your big moment. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and to learn how we can elevate your special day into something even more spectacular. 

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