Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

So, you’ve decided on Boston for your proposal, but you’re not quite sure what part is right for you? Here are some of our top 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal.

Boston has played a crucial role in our country’s history. Being home to so many influential figures, events, and places, The City on the Hill possesses a dense collection of impressive attractions. A vibrant college town as well, Boston offers as much outdoor fun for active couples as it does historically significant landmarks.    

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Here’s a list of different Boston-based locations and activities capable of providing a great backdrop for the announcement of a loving commitment.  

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1. Emerald Necklace Park System

A verdant chain of nine parks, each holding a charm of their own, The Emerald Necklace is one of Boston’s most popular public areas.  You’ll have more than a thousand acres and miles of wooded pathways and water features to enjoy if you choose an outdoor proposal here. 

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Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

2. Boston Public Library

This impressive historical landmark is one of Boston’s most popular venues. Home to a sizable art collection and dramatic architecture, the building surrounds a beautiful courtyard displaying a peaceful fountain and a manicured garden. If you’re looking for a quiet place to propose, you can’t go wrong with a library.

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Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

3. Boston Light

A lively seascape is a breathtaking place to propose. The Boston Light, first built in 1716, is the country’s first lighthouse. Located on Little Brewster Island, there are ferries and popular guided tours that will help you access this remote, but striking location. 

Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

4. Public Garden Swan Boats

Located within The Emerald Necklace, the Public Garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden. The lake at the center of this landmark site is home to an iconic attraction worthy of individual mention, especially if romance is involved. The city’s beloved antique, Victorian-era Swan Boats are enjoyed by those of all ages as they happily glide along the lake’s tranquil surface.

Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

5. Sail Boston Harbor at Sunset

A private two-hour sunset sailboat tour of Boston Harbor will give you an exciting view of the city during the most romantic time of day. As well as seeing the city’s glimmering skyline, you’ll also be able to enjoy some nautical history as you sail past the massive USS Constitution.

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Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

6. Harbor Walk

The waterfront has evolved a great deal since colonial times, and today, it’s one of the best choices for enjoying a summer’s day. Appealing walkways, scenic views, public art, great historical attractions, shopping, restaurants, frequent events, and the launching point for a variety of tours, the Harbor Walk is one of Boston’s most diverse attractions.

Photo 6 Boston-Based Ideas for a Perfect Proposal

You Won’t Be Disappointed

Boston is a Sure Winner

Placing your bet with Boston is a sure-to-win proposition. It’s a great city for active couples and offers a fantastic number of historic attractions within close distance. 

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