Jeff and Elizabeth’s Waldorf Astoria proposal, New York.

Jeff technically already proposed to Elizabeth (although it was informal, no ring, etc) when they were at a waterfall in the Alabama mountains

Jeff contacted Sarah Pease from Brilliant Event Planning to help prepare this beautiful proposal.

Sarah was inspired by the story of how Jeff proposed the first time and designed a proposal called “WaterFalling in Love”

“I created an art installation to mimic the waterfall but to incorporate various parts of their love story: the “water” were bible verses handpicked by him.  The sides of the waterfall were vines to signify that love is a living thing to be nurtured,  among the vines were 6 candles symbolizing the sparks that brought them together.  A the bottom of the waterfall were stones with qualities that he loved about her that would never change – just like stones would never change and serve as the foundation for their love.”

You can view the whole album here

Ryan and Kimberlee’s New York Proposal.

This proposal was organized and planned by The Proposal Planner Ryan needed a little help organizing this proposal so with the help from Sarah Pease and her team the proposal was perfect! With dinner reservations set at The Riverpark restaurant this was a beautiful setting for this proposal. You can view the whole album here

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Eugene and Rosalynn’s San Francisco Proposal

Eugene and Rosalynn had the weather on their side with this proposal! With a storm hitting the bay this proposal was nearly a wash out but luckily just at the last minute the clouds parted and the sun shone for this beautiful proposal. Eugene contacted Paparazzi Proposals wanting to help capture their day at Pier […]

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Chip and Veronica’s Gapstow Bridge proposals, New York.

Veronica never saw this proposal coming! With the couple visiting New York for a quick holiday, this was the perfect setting for Chip to drop to one knee and propose! As the couple strolled through the park our secret snapper was capturing the whole moment. To view the whole album, order prints and share with […]

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Jonathan and Caroline’s Broadway Wicked Proposal, New York.

If you like The Wizard OF Oz, this proposal had it all! Jonathan needed some logistical help with this amazing proposal, so with the help of The Proposal Planner this proposal went perfectly to plan. Jonathan’s girlfriend Caroline loves ‘The wizard of Oz’ so The Wicked stage was a perfect place for his proposal. The […]

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Michael and Rain’s Lincoln Centre Proposal, New York

The Lincoln Centre made the perfect backdrop for this beautiful proposal. Throw in an amazing guitarists from 45 riots and everything was perfect. Michael contacted Paparazzi Proposals wanting to create a simple and beautiful proposal at the Lincoln Centre, with the help from our friends at 45 Riots this proposal was set! After a romantic lunch […]

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Rory and Claire’s beautiful central park proposal.

Rory planned his proposal down to the last detail, with the help of a friend to lure Claire into the city, everything was set! After Hurricane Sandy and then a big snow storm, Central Park had been closed for days while they cleaned it up, but even that could not stop this amazing proposal from […]

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Peter and Belinda’s Central Park proposal, New York.

This proposal had everything and even just a week after Hurricane Sandy we still pulled it off! Peter contacted Paparazzi Proposals wanting some help to put together the perfect proposal to Belinda. The couple flew in from Melbourne just after Hurricane Sandy had hit, with the city only just back to full power we had […]

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Marcial and Brynn’s Marching Band proposal on the deck of the Intrepid.

This proposal had it all! Marching bands, amazing back drops, family and the whole proposal was captured on The Today Show! Paparazzi Proposals teamed up with The Proposal Planner and NBC’s The Today Show to bring the most amazing proposal EVER! Marcial contacted us wanting to create the biggest proposal ever seen! With the amazing […]

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Annesh and Dilukshi’s River Cafe Proposal, NYC.

Aneesh had planned the perefct day for his proposal to Dilukshi. After a romantic lunch at the River Cafe the happy went for stroll along the water front ending up in the park. Annesh had his cousin lay out a blanket with, champagne, cupcakes, flowers and book of all their dates and trips! It was […]

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Rick and Mei’s amazing Bow Bridge proposal, followed by a proposal shoot around NYC.

Rick and Mei’s Bow Bridge Proposal took place on a beautiful sunny day in New York. Rick and Mei, joined by Ricks’s parents enjoyed lunch at the Boat House followed by a family boat ride around the lake. Afterwards Rick and Mei strolled to Bow Bridge where Rick dropped to one knee! The following day, […]

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John and Heathers Bronx Zoo Proposal, New York.

John had the perfect plan for his proposal, with the help of some family members everything was set! Heather loves animals, in particular lions and tigers so the zoo was a perfect setting for this proposal. John used Heather’s sister and her family as the excuse to go to the zoo on a beautiful sunny […]

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