Photo Top Five Toronto Proposal Ideas

Top Five Toronto Proposal Ideas

Looking for the perfect Toronto proposal idea? Well, look no further, the research has been done for you. 

Paparazzi Proposals isn’t just the nation’s leading proposal photography company, but we’ve helped all our clients plan and execute their proposals. We don’t just photograph the moment, we make the moment happen. With National Proposal Day around the corner (March 20th), our proposal-obsessed staff has put together their favorite proposal ideas in Toronto.

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Want to start getting some ideas? We’ve put together five wonderful ideas from our happy clients’ past proposals. Take the stress out of the equation and leave the planning to the experts. Because we don’t just talk the talk, we photograph it.

1. Toronto Islands Proposal

The Toronto Islands are a chain of small islands in the city of Toronto. If the weather is right, start with a romantic ferry trip, as the islands are located just offshore from the city centre. From downtown Toronto, Tom and Virginia were just a short trip away, and chose to visit Ward Island, which is actually one of the less visited islands, providing a more intimate setting. To spice things up, Tom had us schedule for a violinist to be on shore, appearing to busk. After Virginia threw her a dollar, the violinist followed the couple down a small path, playing their favorite love song the whole way. (What a coincidence!) The trees opened up to a clearing at the beach and the city of Toronto was laid out beautifully in front of them, which made the perfect backdrop for Tom to propose. Tom also had a romantic picnic setup with champagne, and the island also offers recreational activities, such as bike rentals, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats.

Toronto Proposal Ideas: Toronto Islands

2. Nature Lovers Proposal

If your partner absolutely loves nature, make your proposal green. Joseph chose the Allan Gardens Conservatory, as the beautifully green setting for his surprise proposal. With the sun streaming through the newly blossoming trees of the gardens,  Joseph and James wandered through the 100-year-old greenhouse’s grounds. The glass-encased tropical oasis added an extra level of romance to this already perfect proposal. Toronto blooms in the summer, making it a great time for any nature setting proposal. Another great spot would be Glen Stewart Park, a lovely nature getaway near the Upper Beaches. It offers plenty of intimacy and a stunning summer scenery. 

Toronto Proposal Ideas: Allans Garden Conservatory

3. Sky Banner Proposal

Sometimes you don’t just want to tell them, but show them. Gerard had us coordinate his proposal to be put on a banner and flown across the sky, for Allison and the entire city to see. Though, your proposal doesn’t have to be laid out in the clouds to be perfect, but putting your love in written words adds extra romance and shows effort. Whether it’s via a timeless romantic letter or having your love painted on a giant cardboard sign, it’s important to remember it’s what the words symbolize, and not how much money was spent.

Toronto Proposal Ideas: Sky Banner Proposal

4. Adventure Proposal

Want a thrilling proposal idea? Why not try Toronto Heli Tours, which offers an unbeatable skyline view! If you’re the type to seek out an adventure more than romance, this is the solution to combine both, making it a memory neither of you will soon forget. And with our photographer tagging along, neither will Chris and his new fiancée. If heights aren’t your thing, Toronto offers a variety of adventures to bring excitement to your proposal. Whether horseback riding or hiking, you can view a list of different options from Toronto Adventures.

Toronto Proposal Ideas: Heli Helicopters Tour

5. Rooftop Proposal

Toronto offers an array selection of awesome rooftops with great views of the city. Well-known places are The Chase, Drake SkyYard, and Thompson Hotel. Though, there’s plenty more options to choose from. With spring and summer around the corner, these locations offer a beautiful backdrop, and delicious food and cocktails to celebrate after. You can also surprise your partner by including family and friends in the surprise. Though, be wary to ruin the surprise when including other people, we all have that one family member who can’t be trusted with a secret.

Toronto Proposal Ideas: Rooftop Proposal

You hear that? That’s the sound of your partner overjoyed and screaming “yes!” Contact us now and let us take care of the small details and capture all the priceless moments, so all you’ll have to worry about is putting on the ring.