Photo Top Five Tips When Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

Top Five Tips When Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

Leaving home without your engagement ring? We know, unimaginable! Though, what precautions can you take when you’re traveling with it? Our friends at Jewelers Mutual have some ideas. 

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Jewelers Mutual understands that an engagement ring isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it becomes a part of who you are. But that being said, it’s harder to lose a part that’s anatomically attached than it is to misplace a ring. To help put your mind at ease, they shared some of their top tips when vacationing with the part of you that sometimes has to be taken off.

1. Knowing When to Take it Off

While the majority of people surveyed claim their engagement ring never leaves their body while on vacation, the experts at Jewelers Mutual actually recommend otherwise. It’s not just about taking precautions to avoid losing the ring, but also preventing damage. It’s necessary to remove it before certain activities, such as in the hot tub or pool, which could damage certain precious stones and metals. Jewelers Mutual condones leaving your engagement ring behind when wearing it could put you at a higher risk for damage or loss. 

Photo Top Five Tips When Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

2. Use the Safe

In instances that you must leave your ring behind, always remember that it should be stored somewhere secure. It’s not about trusting the people you’re with, but never taking any chances. And by somewhere secure, they don’t mean to leave it on the hotel nightstand, in a purse or even in locked luggage. According to the Jewelers Mutual survey, the hotel room is the most frequently mentioned area where jewelry is lost.  Always store jewelry in the hotel safe. 

Photo Top Five Tips When Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

3. Wear it

This might go without saying, but if it’s not stored in a safe place, the only other place it should be is on your finger. There is no need to worry about the metal detectors at airport security stations. Despite what other people say, you will not need to take it off.

Photo Top Five Tips When Traveling with Your Engagement Ring

4. Insure it

Despite taking all the necessary precautions, some things are out of your control and accidents happen. And with survey results showing that over 60 percent of jewelry losses that took place while traveling were not replaced, it’s imperative to do research and choose an insurance plan without any loopholes.  Jewelers Mutual has been exclusively insuring jewelry for more than 100 years. They offer repair or replacement coverage that includes worldwide travel protection for your engagement ring (and other jewelry needs). Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and unexplained losses- so you can feel safe and live more.  

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Prepare for the unexpected. In times of such a crisis that your ring is lost, stolen or damaged, Jewelers Mutual will be there to make you whole again. If you want more jewelry care tips and updates on how to best protect yourself, make sure to subscribe to The Jewelry Box blog. Your future self will thank you.