Photo Top Five Kansas City Proposal Ideas

Top Five Kansas City Proposal Ideas

There’s a reason Dorothy was desperate to leave OZ and return to Kansas City, her and all the other locals know just how great it can really be. 

Kansas City might be known for its jazz, barbecue, and fountains, but with the right help, it makes for a romantic surprise proposal getaway. You might think of Paris and New York when it comes to romantic proposal locations, but how about romantic AND affordable? Yup, and the winner for trivia today is whoever answered Kansas City. Labeled by Travel & Leisure as “America’s #1 Affordable Getaway”, what better way to remember your proposal than by not entering massive debt because of it?

Paparazzi Proposals isn’t just the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company, we’re romance geniuses! Okay fine, maybe not geniuses by a legal IQ standpoint, but we do love romance and our staff are experts on it. Affordable doesn’t have to mean lesser, and having planned and photographed over three thousand engagement proposals, we can ensure yours to be one neither of you will ever forget. And our photos will make sure of it.

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To get the yellow-brick-road started, we’ve put together our top five Kansas City Proposal ideas. And you can also check out more here.

1. Bed & Breakfast

If you’re coming from a large city, one of the unique things Kansas City has to offer is an escape from the noise and constant motion. There’s a varied amount of B&B’s throughout the city, offering a cozy and romantic atmosphere, delicious meals, southern hospitality and more often than not, special romance packages. Take a break from the daily busy routine and live a little, by living less and relaxing.  And with us there to take care of the planning and capture all the moments, the only thing on your mind will be your new fiancée.

Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Bed & Breakfast

2. Star Gazing

No, this doesn’t just happen in movies, but it will make your proposal movie-like. Kansas City might not be your typical big city, but that’s what makes this proposal idea perfect. A starry night sky filled with millions of luminous stars is a real thing. (New Yorkers are now mind-blown.) Whether you deck out the back of your truck or set up a romantic picnic, the Kansas City sky glows beautifully at night. Add on a musician to serenade the moment (included in our packages) and you’ll be transported into a 90’s rom com.

Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Star Gazing

3. The City of Fountains

Kansas City doesn’t just have beautiful fountains, it’s known as “The City of Fountains”. From the delightfully ornate Seville Light Fountain to the Sea Horse Fountain at City Hall, it’s famous for them, second to Rome. Bet you’ve never thought to hear Rome and Kansas City used in the same sentence. Well, you’ve been listening to the wrong people. This is a great way to immerse yourself in good old Kansas City culture and have an architecturally stunning backdrop for your surprise proposal.

Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Fountain Proposal

4. Nature Proposal

It might lack the noise and pollution of a metropolitan city, but what Kansas City does have is Mother Nature. There’s plenty of beautiful parks and gardens for an intimate stroll or a picnic, and don’t forget the champagne! This can be done during the day or at night, but keep in mind, daytime will offer better light for photography. Some local popular options are Konza Prairie and Botanica Wichita, which offer endless greenery.

Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Nature Proposal

5. Relaxation with a Side of Thrill

So you want the whole relaxed and cozy getaway Kansas City offers, but to include a little bit of thrill within your proposal? How about a helicopter ride over the city? It would sure beat Dorothy’s methods of traveling. Timberview Helicopters offer great rates on a downtown tour of the city. This will flare up the getaway and your homey Bed & Breakfast will be there after to nestle up in (with your new fiancée). Just be sure your partner isn’t afraid of heights, as that might distract from the proposal.

Kansas City Proposal Ideas: Helicopter Proposal

Don’t get us wrong, the barbecue and jazz are great, but Kansas City has much more to offer for your upcoming proposal. And just remember, it’s all in the details, and that’s what we’re here to take care of. Instead of finding a proposal planner and a photographer, why not pick both with Paparazzi Proposals? After all, we are the best at what we do. Just ask these guys!

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