Photo Top 5 New York Winter Proposal Ideas

Top 5 New York Winter Proposal Ideas

Cuddle weather, the holidays and a city outlined in snow, New York is one of the most romantic and popular places to get engaged during the winter. Now that you have the location, let us help you with the ideas! 

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Though we don’t like to pick favorites, there’s a little something special about the winter time. As the nation’s leading surprise engagement proposal photography company, we’ve shot over 3,000 proposals. So, if you’re in need of winter ideas in New York, you need not look any further! In honor of this magical time, we’re sharing some of our favorites.

But don’t take our word for it, make sure to check out some of our wonderful past proposals in the Big Apple during every season!

1. Central Park

Sure, it might be one of the most popular places to get engaged in the city, but it’s a classic for a reason. Trying new things is great when it comes to clothing and food, but when it comes to your once-in-a-lifetime moment, why not stick with something that’s bound to be picture-perfect? From Cherry Hill, to Bow Bridge, to Bethesda Fountain, to Belvedere Castle and everywhere in between, Central Park has plenty of dreamy locations to propose. And during the winter, nothing will be more romantic than the snow sprinkling on your special moment, even if it’s a blizzard! Just check out Nathaniel and Colleen’s proposal during a snowstorm in Central Park. Nothing can keep us from capturing your special moment.

Nat-5 (2)

2. The Holidays

From Christmas Eve to New Years, towards the end of December, it’s basically a holiday marathon! Even if you don’t want to propose on an actual holiday, why not squeeze it in between? You’ll have time off work to celebrate, and usually family and friends happen be visiting from all over, that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to include in your special moment. It’ll be perfect timing for a post-proposal celebration.

Abhijit - 32

3. Grand Central

And speaking of friends and family visiting, why not use that to surprise your special someone with a diamond ring? One of our favorite locations to do this is Grand Central. Create the rouse of picking up a loved one, and have everyone waiting for your partner with “Will you marry me?” They’ll be overjoyed to see all of your family and friends, and even more surprised at the sight of an engagement ring. This is exactly how Sam surprised Adreana, which you can view their full proposal here!


4. Rockefeller Center

Another classic option, people travel from all over the world just to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. Though due to the possibility of the Rockefeller rink getting crowded, we might not suggest proposing mid-iceskating, but before or after, somewhere around the beautifully lit up area. If it’s in your budget, you can also rent out the rink for an hour. Though Rockefeller is on the pricier side, Wollman rink in Central Park is also a great option! Peter rented it for an hour at midnight to surprise his girlfriend with the picture-perfect proposal. Click here to view all their photos!

Peter - 11

5. Minus 5* Ice Bar

Another winter favorite, why not propose at a bar made of ice? Minus 5* Ice Bar is the picture-perfect place to get engaged in a Winter Wonderland. Book one of their amazing rooms and let us decorate it in rose petals. When your partner walks in, lead her to the center of the heart and drop down on one knee. Then pop some champagne afterwards to celebrate.

Akiva - 23

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